Washing Instructions


Normal machine wash at 60ºC
Wool wash at 40ºC
Normal machine wash at 60ºC with reduced spin
Only quick hand wash
Normal machine wash at 40ºC
Do not wash or soak
Normal machine wash at 40ºC with reduced spin

The numbers in the washing tubs indicate the highest permissible washing temperature. They must not be exceeded. E-programmes, economy programmes and half-load programmes are included in the normal machine wash programmes.

Hot Iron
Medium temperature Iron
Low temperature iron
Do not iron
Dry-cleaning = Steam cleaning
Normal cleaning
Special cleaning
No dry-cleaning

For items with P or F in the circle, stains cannot usually be removed with tetrachlorethylene or trichloroethylene. The letters are intended for use by the person carrying out the dry-cleaning. They indicate the solvent to be used. The line below the circle means: light load, high float position, little mechanical agitation, short cleaning, rinsing and spinning cycles; do not add water.

Cold bleach with chlorine bleach. A diluted solution of concentrated chlorine is permitted.
Do not bleach
Normal fabrics
Heat-sensitive fabrics
Do not tumble-dry