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Alma – De Ploeg

flame retardant

Fabrics are tested for flame retardancy according to the standards used in different countries: AS 1530.3 ( Australia), BS 5867 (UK), DIN 4102 (Germany), 92 507 NF (France), ISO 6940 (Netherlands), ISO 6941 (Netherlands).


Weight in grams per metre.


Discoloration due to sunlight. The degree of discoloration is expressed as a number between 1 and 8 on the blue scale, where 1 is the lowest lightfastness and 8 being the highest lightfastness.


The shrinkage after washing or dry cleaning.


Abrasion resistance, the higher the number Martindale, the stronger the fabric.
Decorative use <6000 rpm
Normal usage> 20,000 rpm
Intensive use> 30.000 rpm
Very intensive use> 40.000 rpm

seam and shear resistance

Upholstery fabrics are tested for sensitivity to the "openness" of stitching. In general it can be said that a substance whose tissue wires up to 6 mm from each slide at 180 nm tax, no practical problems. The shear resistance is less, then it is advisable to upholster using double stitching use and locking it off. Sides extra care


See washing instructions.


Is rotating on the surface of protruding fibers to small balls. The extent to which a fabric tends to pill depends on the raw material and yarn composition. The pilling is represented by a number between 1 and 5. 1 is likely to pill and 5 is no pilling.


AC acetate, CL chlorine fiber, cotton CO., EA polyurethane elastomer, LI linen, modal MD, ME metal, polyamide PA, PC acrylic, polyester PE, PL polyethylene, polypropylene PP, SE silk, viscose VI, WM mohair, wool WO, WV wool

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Composition 100% Polyester FR
Width 140 cm
Rating / Abrasion 70,000 Martindale
Flame Resistance ISO 6940-6941 DIN 4102-B1 NF P 92-507 M1
Lightfast 6 (scale 1-8)
Weight 540 g / m¹
Repeat nil
Colour range 24 colours
Features Velour, Oeko Tex, Acoustic Certification - aw = 0,65


Normal machine wash at 60ºC
Wool wash at 40ºC
Normal machine wash at 60ºC with reduced spin
Only quick hand wash
Normal machine wash at 40ºC
Do not wash or soak
Normal machine wash at 40ºC with reduced spin

The numbers in the washing tubs indicate the highest permissible washing temperature. They must not be exceeded. E-programmes, economy programmes and half-load programmes are included in the normal machine wash programmes.


Hot Iron
Medium temperature Iron
Low temperature iron
Do not iron

Dry-cleaning = Steam cleaning

Normal cleaning
Special cleaning
No dry-cleaning

For items with P or F in the circle, stains cannot usually be removed with tetrachlorethylene or trichloroethylene. The letters are intended for use by the person carrying out the dry-cleaning. They indicate the solvent to be used. The line below the circle means: light load, high float position, little mechanical agitation, short cleaning, rinsing and spinning cycles; do not add water.


Cold bleach with chlorine bleach. A diluted solution of concentrated chlorine is permitted.
Do not bleach


Normal fabrics
Heat-sensitive fabrics
Do not tumble-dry

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Washing Instructions
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