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The Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group are experts in developing quality vinyl products and Svenska KJ have proudly been distributing their range in Australia for 20 years. Skai® Vinyl and Dynactiv™ products lead the industry in versatility and innovation. Both ranges offer incredible characteristics and many of the collections are award winning.
The majority of Skai® Vinyl and Dynactiv™ products have UV resistance and IMO certification which makes them ideal for heavy duty commercial use, including outdoor and marine applications.
Skai® Vinyl and Dynactiv™ also offer outstanding alternatives for health and aged care and many surpass technical specifications such as abrasion resistance, flammability, anti-microbial qualities and sustainability.
Skai® Vinyl and Dynactiv™ ranges are available in a huge selection of colours and textures that are soft to touch, breathable and easy to upholster.