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SvenskaKJ are product Agents and distributors for Acoustica® in Victoria. Once again we are proud to be associated with another leading Australian owned and operated company.

Acoustica® is a 100% Australian owned company engaged in research, development, manufacture, sale, export and licensing of leading technology sound control and abatement systems.

From humble beginnings in 1982 when perforated steel was a major component in noise control applications, Acoustica® has been a pioneer in developing cost effective sound control solutions.

In 1991 Acoustica® was the first to introduce polyester sound and thermal insulating materials to Australia. This breakthrough with polyesters revolutionised the industry by overcoming health and recycling issues associated with the then existing products.

SvenskaKJ in conjunction with Acoustica® are focused on bringing new and innovative products to the market and providing outstanding quality and service.

SvenskaKJ are experts with regards to acoustic advice and installation.

For a comprehensive view of our Acoustica® products and services, please refer to –

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